PokerList is mobile app and web search engine with list of current live and online poker game for 10 countries at the moment. United States, Great Britain, Australia, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and more.


PokerList is for users free to download or use on The businnes model is based on two income sources.


The world's largest list

of poker game.

1. Live Poker

Pokerlist offers paid listings of current CashGame poker for there Club or Casino .


Depending on type of listing the price is 200Eur for month. For top position listing is price higger depending on demand the average is plus 50Eur for month.


PokerList can also offer space for popular banner adds or PR articles. Banner add cost is 150Eur in average for 7 day period depending on type of banner. PR article price is 250Eur (in the case of ready to publish content supplied by customer)

Paying Customer:

Poker Clubs and Casinos





Listing of Tournament poker on PokerList is free. There is a need for this content in highest volumes as posible in order to attract the regular users.


Tournament poker is not profitable for Casinos or Clubs. But it is important for them to attract the higher volume of players to come to visit there venue. Once  poker players visit the venue they often play also other games that the place offer. Profitable games like black jack, rullete, cashgame poker or slot machines. So the casino at the end benefits from tournament poker in increase of amount of regullar customers.

The problem is that tournament poker and cashgame poker is often poorly advertised or the propagation is not driven efectivly. Poker player needs to look for poker game informations on different places which is many times complicated and time-consuming.


Pokerlist is therefore effective and affordable tool for casinos to advertise poker game in new creative way and also for customer fast and easy to use.

2. Online poker

Currently PokerList offer list of 15 most know online poker rooms like PokerStars, 888 poker, PartyPoker, Fulltilt, Bwin, WilliamHill, Betfair, Everest, Bet365, Netbet and more.

Listing of online poker game is for online rooms for free. The income is based on affiliate partnership. PokerList as affiliate partner is rewarded for each player referred. There are two types of revenue models:


- CPA cost per acquisition

Guaranteed flat rate in (avarage of 200USD) for every new depositing (avarage 50USD) player referred.


- GRS gross revenue share

Share from poker rake or tournament fees from amount of money pokerplayer spends in the online poker room.



Paying Customer:

Online poker rooms

Online room offer the oportunity to chose the affliate CPA or GRS model. Or the model can be modifed later.


Affliates most frequently used banner ads are outdated and inefficient.


PokerList motivates online players to register to online poker rooms with new inovative way.

Simply by showing them all desired games in one place. PokerList uses only pokerplayers desired functionality to achive the registration.




Other add it software solutions for clients:

Number of clubs and Casinos and estimated

number of poker players for online and live poker:


23  000 000 

19 000 000 

2 000 000 



Development and current stage of PokerList

Today PokerList is established brand in Czech Republic and Slovakia. In 2 years pokerlist has manage to cover 80 percent of pain customers from the existing emount of Casinos and Poker Clubs in the region.


Clients like: Chain of Olympic Casinos, Banco Casino, Admiral Casino, Concord Card Club, Kings Casino Rozvadov, Card casino Prague, Kajot poker klub and more.


Which made the 35 000 Eur profit from live poker from beginning. With increase at an average rate of 15% per year.

... spolu 24 klientov

PokerList has achieved in this region high download ranks in its category and currently it has 12 600 downloads. It has proved itself to be atractive product for users and customers.


Plan for entering other markets.

Next step is expansion to other markets. PokerList is currently providing list of games for this markets. But the marketing investment is needit in order to gain amount of users for this regions.


The amount of users is than used as relevant argument to atract customers to advertise in PokerList. Amount of users is also crucial to achive sufficient income from online affiliat deals.

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Main marketing partner for Czech Poker Tour

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